Successful labor compliance is one of the key aspects to running a successful business. And if you don’t know the law surrounding these issues, it could seriously affect how you do business. This is why it is important to:


Knowing the law and how to comply with it is critical to every business enterprise. Stringent requirements can turn seemingly minor issues into major issues that can paralyze your business. Knowing the law and applying the law properly in these circumstances is critical, and that’s where experience comes into play. Without the experience to lay out the issues within the guidelines of the law and the requirements peculiar to each venue, be it State or Federal, your case, or for that matter, any discussion about the issue you’re having, becomes more involved and more costly than it has to be. Truly, experience pays off.

To begin, most businesses don’t even have the basic paperwork to be in business completed. This can lead to costly and unnecessary time and expenses being spent correcting these issues when they could have just been doing it correctly in the first place. I can’t say enough about having everything in order, from the most basic corporate charters and minutes, through to time sheets and proper business record keeping. Looking organized in any kind of dispute reinforces your credibility. You could be right in what you’re saying and wrong in how you’re presenting it, but that is how the issues are decided in some other parties favor as opposed to how you would have liked them to be.


Don’t leave the state of your important business paperwork to chance. Don’t let filings be done incorrectly the first time. Don’t sign a lease without reading it and having it properly reviewed. Don’t enter into an agreement without understanding all of the facts surrounding it. This is such simple advice, but often overlooked. Let us help!

I can do a comprehensive review of all of your business’ practices and paperwork to determine whether they are in compliance with the law. Whenever issues arise in the course of doing business, you will have the necessary solid foundation upon which to successfully meet any challenge. No, this doesn’t necessarily mean a lawsuit, though it could be, but it means any dispute when running a business. If you look like you have a full command of all the relevant information, you will be less likely to be challenged in any of your decisions. Likewise, if you are an employee with a labor dispute, knowing what to look for is critical.